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Clinic Info & Latest News from the TTT

The Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust will close on the 31st December 2017

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The Trust will shortly complete its 30th year. Its purpose has always been to provide top level training to those who could not otherwise access it, and thereby to give a firm foundation so that the Instructor members would be equipped to teach with greater clarity and authority further afield. Many of the TTT Instructor Members have now gone on to become successful trainers in their own right. The Trust is proud that they continue to spread the knowledge gained at the TTT, and that the TTT legacy is strong. When Tom and Jennifer Sewell started the Trust in 1987, there were hardly any clinics, nor lecture/demonstrations and certainly no continuity in training. That situation has changed beyond all recognition. As Charles de Kunffy recently noted, Dressage in the UK is now a force to be reckoned with. Dressage is no longer a minority sport, and all disciplines understand its value in the training of their horses. Today there is a great choice of talented trainers and a huge number of conferences and demonstrations to attend and groups to belong to.

The Trust has provided a continuous annual programme that included Seminars, Lecture/Demonstrations and a variety of Clinics so that the theory behind classical horsemanship is combined with the practicalities of training horses - all with the horses welfare in mind.

We are incredibly grateful to all our International Trainers, Senior Instructors and Members who have unstintingly supported the TTT.

The last four events will be going ahead as scheduled below.
Please come and enjoy them. As always, we welcome all spectators, Members and Non-Members alike.

Senior Instructors Clinic (S.I.C.): Nov 27/28

Monday 10:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 16:00

These 2-day clinics are taken by the Trust's Instructors and form the basis of the TTT's educational structure. Places are available to all Riding Members. Spectators are always encouraged and welcomed.

The clinics consist of half-hour private sessions, with opportunities for questions and discussions. There is a Riders' Forum on the first evening, where the riders and trainers meet in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the days' work and to clarify points that have arisen.

Places are available to all Riding Members: please apply directly to the Secretary.  Spectators (includes non-TTT members as well as members) are always welcome and encouraged, and they can book online.

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Herwig Radnetter Clinic (Senior Rider, Spanish Riding School of Vienna): October 9-11 *Designated BHS CPD Day
Monday 0930-1630, Tuesday 0930-1630 , Wednesday 0900-1545


Herwig is one of today’s most prominent Riders at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. He trains the Lipizzaner horses and the young riders at the school, rides in their internationally acclaimed performances and goes on tour all over the world with the School. In amongst this busy schedule he manages to fit in regular clinics at the TTT as one of its visiting International Trainers. 

The training at The Spanish Riding School is second to none and the traditions remain the same as when it was founded over 430 years ago.

Herwigs’ passion for the work of this unique establishment is evident in all his teaching and he passes on his vast knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and relevant to horses and riders at all stages of their training. His delivery is full of enthusiasm, always enlightening and entertaining for all who spectate. He is an exceptional communicator and is very popular with riders and spectators alike.

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Arthur Kottas Clinic ~ November 13/14
(Former First Chief Rider, Spanish Riding School of Vienna)

Monday 1030-1730
Tuesday 0830-1530

Arthur spent over 40 years as one of the most prominent members of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, and lead them as First Chief Rider from 1995 until his retirement from the school in 2003.

His tremendous experience and mastery of classical training are sought all over the world, and he is thought of as one of the world’s finest experts of working horses In Hand.
He is an encyclopedia of knowledge and is always delighted to discuss training issues and answer questions from the audience.

He will be working with a variety of horse at all levels and will be working some horses ‘In Hand’ during the clinic.

~Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the great masters of our time~

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Trainers' Day with Andrew Murphy & Alex Cookson ~ November 20


The Trainers’ Day is an enjoyable, educational and useful day designed to help all levels, whether an instructor or just training your own horse ~ it’s not just for Instructors! It covers the fundamentals of riding such as the riders' seat and aiding and the horses' correct carriage and way of going, and each time a different topic is also highlighted. 

The programme consists of theory sessions interspersed by practical work using a selection of 'guinea pig' horses riders. 

This workshop will focus on: Training Transitions – critical corner stone & proof of correct training.

In order to help us run this day we ask you to please book on-line in advance or reserve a place via email

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Miguel Ralao Clinic ~ December 5/6

Tuesday 09:00-18:00
Wednesday 08:00- 16:30

Miguel delights the audience with his training philosophy, quiet, effective training methods and wonderful riding. He takes time to explain everything clearly to his riders and he also rides many of the horses in order to help them take the next positive steps forward in their training. The riders then get a great feel of what it is they are looking for and it is fabulous to watch the horses (and riders!) grow in confidence and understanding. Miguel's equestrian education is steeped in the Classical traditions, and he is also an International Competitor, having been selected to ride for Portugal in the Beijing Olympics. Miguel was a member of the Portuguese Equestrian Art School -"Escola" - with some breaks for international projects, until 2001. During this time he had the honour of working with Mestre Dr. Guilherme Borba. Miguel has his own Training Centre near Lisbon, gives clinics worldwide and competes at Grand Prix Internationally.

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Please note that dogs are restricted to the Car Park area only. Unless absolutely unavoidable it is better not to bring your dog as there is no shade in the Car Park. Dogs should not be left unattended in cars in warm or hot weather.


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An account of Tom and Jennifer’s life behind the Iron Curtain

Sir Rodric Braithwaite GCMG British Ambassador in Moscow, 1988-92, writes “Tom Sewell paints a vivid picture of the grandeur and misery of dealing with the Soviet Union and its servants during the Cold War – the petty but dangerous attentions of the KGB, the poverty of the country, and the open generosity of the people when you were able to worm your way through the barriers with which the state surrounded them.”

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